You are on this blog for probably one reason.  You adore Liz and Nate.

They met a long time ago at one of those famed college Halloween parties. Liz had a fabulous costume. We will not discuss Nate’s costume.

Things went well, people chatted and the two went their separate ways. Through the power of facebook Nate found Liz and asked her out on a date.  Since Liz didn’t have a cell phone, the date almost didn’t happen. Its a long story, and for the most part kind of annoying. But the moral of the story is that they survived the first date and Liz learned the importance of carrying a cell phone.

Time passed.

The seasons changed. Apartments came and went, and the great tide known as the housing bubble told Nate to buy a house.

More time passed, the couple embarked on many a project to improve their newly procured house. Basements were flooded, and renovated, walls were painted. And somewhere in there, people started poking Nate, asking when he was going to settle down and ask this fine young woman known as Liz to marry him. Not one to bow to  pressure, he scoffed at them, but secretly bought a ring.

So now Nate had a ring, but not a plan. Fear not! Plans are for those who are unsure. Nate’s best friend Jim suggested going out to a local Irish establishment for St. Paddys Day in March of 2008. Apparently, the rest of Ames had similar intentions and a 4 hour wait ensued. Undeterred, the two couples proceeded to enjoy a casual evening together, and eventually dinner was had. As with all meals out, there comes a time for the bill. A time that, when dating, is marked by an awkward shuffle of wallets and purses trying to decide whose turn it is to pay. So with the skills of a ninja, Nate hints that it is Liz’s turn to pay, and as she turns to reach for her purse, Nate places the ring on the check and slides it towards her. Liz is confused as to how Nate expects to pay for the bill with a ring, but he responds with “We’re paying.” Cogs click, light bulbs go on, and magic happens.

This brings us to today, the verge of celebrating the momentous event of our wedding.