Sanding away my sanity

July 25, 2010

So here I am, and what you see here is my curse.  My desire to make pretty things.  Somewhere early on I decided to make 30 centerpieces for our wedding.  I stuck with it through all the questioning, and debating on if it and the cakes were a good idea.  I must admit that a […]


One ring to rule them all

July 21, 2010

I have a ring! We found this at Ames Silversmithing, and we love it.  It is a Damascus steel ring, which comes out as a sort of wood grain pattern.  Liz found it when we were just browsing, and I just had to have it.  I don’t know that we could have found a better […]


Picture Perfect

July 19, 2010

We have now passed 6 weeks to go, and things couldn’t be crazier. As a prime example we spent an entire afternoon jetting around our reception venue and the surrounding area taking some fabulous pictures with our photographer Dave. We make such a disgustingly cute couple, it should be outlawed.  But alas, the wedding is […]


And so it begins…

July 7, 2010
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My Wedding Shower

July 5, 2010

Last weekend, my cousin Kathleen threw me an absolutely perfect wedding shower! We had a fabulous lunch, tea, desserts, and (non-embarrassing) games at her lovely house. It was nice to have so many of my favorite women all in the same room together. When I arrived, I was greeted by one of my best friends […]


And They’re Off!

July 1, 2010

(most of them, at least) A big “Thank You!” to Becky for helping me stuff, stamp, stick, and seal so many invitations last night. You’re a lifesaver!