Of Lightbulbs and Beads

October 21, 2010

Last fall, I took a intro lampworking class with my friend, Amanda. I enjoyed it so much that I set up my own little mini-studio in the garage. I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry as presents, but mostly the finished beads just sit in little organized boxes waiting to become something brilliant. A couple […]


Cooking with Liz, part I

October 7, 2010

After reading Nate’s lemon poppy seed post, I decided to do a little digging and look what I found: Aww, memories. That’s the exact failure that he so vividly described yesterday. In addition to all the mistakes he listed, it looks like we also forgot to grease the pan. But like he said, we had […]


Cooking with Liz, Part II

October 5, 2010

So, most of you probably don’t know, but Liz and my second date was something of a fiasco. Probably not as much of a fiasco as the first, but there was an issue with some baking we attempted. To bake lemon poppy seed muffins, you usually need a muffin pan. If you don’t, you might […]