We’ve been holding out on you…

April 26, 2011

Not intentionally, of course. We just hadn’t gotten around to telling you yet. Here’s a hint: In case that isn’t obvious enough (or if you were just distracted by the trash can bearing the best family name for a garbage service ever), that huge crooked POD in our driveway means we’re moving. As much as […]


A Bar To Come Home To

December 15, 2010

When Liz and I first bought our house, it included a wonderfully horrid attempt at a wet bar in the basement.  I’m sure that who ever built it thought it was beautiful (much like how all parents think their babies are beautiful).  It had some absolutely stunning bead board from the local home center plastered […]


Memorial Day Shenanigans

June 14, 2010

A few weeks ago Liz and I hosted our families for Memorial Day. While this sounds like a fantastic idea at first, we quickly realized that this would entail catching up on 3 years of deferred maintenance on our house. Exhibit A We thought that since the weeds had completely taken over the area, that […]


Getting closer…

April 15, 2010

I had hoped this next post would have pictures of our finished project room, but I’m tired of that ugly floor photo from the previous post being the first thing you see on our website. So this picture of a semi-finished project room will just have to do for now. That is an 8 foot […]


Project Room Update

April 9, 2010

When we last left off, Nate and the project room were neck and neck. Over the last few days, we’ve definitely pulled ahead. Another coat of adhesive remover and a power scraper took care of the last stubborn remnants of vinyl. A little patching with some Portland Cement and the floor was basically prepped. Next […]


Project Room: 1, Nate: 1

April 5, 2010

First, a brief history: Liz and I moved into our house back in July of 2007. It was a wonderful house. Fast forward to May of 2008, Ames got some torrential rain. My best friend Jim was getting married on Saturday, and it had been raining for days. He fortunately had beautiful weather, but the […]