Fauxtobooth Video

September 28, 2010

Finally, on our one month anniversary we have a completed Fauxtobooth video.  Check it out!

From the looks of it, a lot of people had a great time making spectacles of themselves. We realize that not every picture is the most flattering, but too bad.  We love it all.  This wedding wouldn’t have been the awesome event that it was without all our friends and family, and I’m just glad that everyone there had a good time.  We hope to have the still images up from the video shortly (Liz is a perfectionist, and wants to make sure they look perfect).  So keep tuned for that.

For those who are curious as to how we made the booth and the video, it wasn’t too bad.  It amounted to a camera connected to a computer which triggered a new picture to be taken every 10 seconds.  All those pictures were saved and imported into iMovie on our iMac where they were sequenced and put to music.  For those people who didn’t stay all night, the music happens to be what Liz’s brother Nick “performed” for us a little later on in the evening.

Apart from a few small bumps in the booth operation, things went smoothly.  I hope you enjoy re-living (or remembering) the experience as much as we enjoyed seeing it for the first time.  We hope to document our future projects around the house in a similar fashion so that you can feel the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into our home.  Keep on checking back for when we start redecorating the main floor now that his home is really ours.

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